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What's a Whistle Stop?

A whistle stop is a tiny town where the train stops for just long enough to drop off some mail, pick up some passengers, and blow it’s whistle. It’s the kind of place where the air is so fresh you can practically taste it, the people are friendly as can be, and the cows outnumber the humans three to one.

Picture it: a dusty platform, a lone station agent with a telegraph machine, and a bunch of locals gathered ’round to watch the big iron horse roll through. Maybe there’s a little general store where you can grab a cold soda or a bag of chips before hopping back on the train. Or maybe there’s a saloon where you can wet your whistle with a shot of whiskey.

It might not be the most glamorous or exciting place in the world, but there’s something undeniably charming about a whistle stop. It’s a snapshot of a simpler time, when life moved a little slower and people had time to stop and chat with each other.


1831 - Monrovia Train Station Built

In 1831 The Baltimore Ohio Rail Line Built a rail stop in Monrovia . This provided service to the mills and access for travelers to New Market, MD

1840 - Watering Station For Trains Added

In 1840 The Baltimore Ohio Rail Line Added a watering station for the trains.

1880 - Monrovia Grows

In 1880 Monrovia became the largest voting district in the New Market Area!

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